Despite the fact that I absolutely can’t help contradicting the result of the political race, and the realities bear me out, by and by there will be an organized change on January twentieth,” Trump said in an assertion.

Washington: Outgoing US President Donald Trump said on Thursday that there will be an “systematic” move of capacity to Joe Biden on January 20. Trump’s comments came minutes after a Joint Session of the US Congress officially guaranteed the Electoral College triumph of Biden as the following US President and Kamala Harris as the Vice President in the November 3 political decision.

“Despite the fact that I thoroughly can’t help contradicting the result of the political race, and the realities bear me out, in any case there will be an efficient progress on January twentieth,” Donald Trump said in an assertion.

Remarking on the confirmation, Trump said the choice “speaks to the furthest limit of the best initial term in official history.”

“It’s just the start of our battle to Make America Great Again,” Trump said while rehashing bogus cases about the political race extortion. Biden, 78, and Harris, 56, are planned to be confirmed as the President and Vice President of the nation on January 20. The introduction will be a relaxed issue given the COVID-19 pandemic.

The conventional confirmation by the Joint Session came in the extremely early times of Thursday. The Joint Session continued its gathering late Wednesday night after it was disturbed by many allies of Trump who brutally raged Capitol Hill.

The tallying of Electoral College votes and its ensuing confirmation came after a monstrous scene of savagery inside the US Capitol, bringing about four passings, wherein Capitol Hill was brought under a lockdown, with officials being taken to safe spots, shots were discharged inside the Congress and poisonous gas was utilized.

Biden, a Democrat, depicted the uproars in the US Capitol as an “uncommon attack” on American majority rules system and has his errand slice out to go through the following four years on his organization to recuperate and join a profoundly captivated nation after the savagely battled political race.

Official decisions were hung on November 3. Biden and Harris won a record number of mainstream votes, in excess of 80 millions and acquired upwards of 306 Electoral College votes.